Welcome to CRC DATA - Software as a Service

CRC DATA provides database driven websites. When applications need to run over the Internet we have the experience. We build interactive websites which use your current legacy system, we build new applications from design through testing, release and support. Your systems can be across multiple platforms and can be tied into other systems anywhere in the world.

You define your corporate communications needs and we will build it. Our charges are the most reasonable within the market. We are ready to create your dedicated internet application and to provide you with our professional staff in complimenting your personal company requirements.

CONTACT us at Sales@CRCDATA.net

SaaS (Software as a Service)

SAAS or (Software as a Service) is the technologies behind sites like Site Security Network, Fleets Away, Trophy Jeep, Handi-Care, and FrontOfficeFeedbackTM, and other eCommerce Sites. Designed using our own in-house ASP-RDS (rapid development system) which generates data forms, data browser, and data reports from within the database using ASP.net 4.0, C#, Javascript and SQL.  Our Data Forms generator inserts AJAX "Javascript code" for pre-selecting data within drop downs, including the DHTML based "table to table" references within the database. This includes calendar pop-up for date fields, auto field type validations. The complete Tool Set includes .cshtml files and the ability to rapidly design new input formats for most standardized iButton collectors in support of SiteSecurityNetwork, with a the data forms and reports builder.

Cloud Computing

The "cloud" refers to unseen, or undefined servers, services, and connectivity (usually within your host providers technologies).  These are represented within the network documentation as a "cloud".  The "cloud" can be a private LAN, or a larger off-site WAN, or as in most cases as its used today, the Internet.  It can even be a service!  All of that equipment, connectivity, services, etc. is placed within a diagram as a "cloud" image.  The "cloud" is often times used when the network and/or connectivity equipment may not yet exist, but will be defined, created, detailed-out, at a later date.  For planning purposes, it is shown within a document as simply a "cloud", showing its relation to the rest of the components and equipment within the "documentation of relationships or connectivity".

Front Office Feedback Software

“FrontOfficeFeedback” ADDT (Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment) Clinic Software Product

This product handles the scheduling of patients with new and re-occuring appointments, patient services, collections, Super Bills, it runs over the internet and is HIPAA compliant. The software capabilities include real-time Account Balances, Automated Invoicing, Doctor Journals, service notes, help system, integrated issues and bug reporting, office chat, maintains Outlook appoints from within Software Scheduler, has “Payment to Services” Balance Sheet, Claims Pre-Processor, Resource Scheduler for assigning technicians, rooms, patients, and inventory based on service type, block time (such as meetings, lunch), service tapering, and a user defined report generator with over 200 pre-defined report templates to choose and/or copy from and modify.